Thursday, August 21, 2014

Having a blast!

We are having a blast at the cottage! I've had my cousin's girls since Sunday night and we came to visit my Mom & Dad ( great aunt & uncle) at the cottage on Tuesday! So far we've been fishing for tiny sunfish, did a 550 piece puzzle, took a craft class, painted bird houses, watched movies, coloured, went for walks, went out in the Zodiac and swam! That is the kids swam, lol it's too cold for me (62 degrees F) brrrrrrr! How kids can swim and stay in the water for over an hour at that temp is beyond me! I am having fun and so is Mom but I sure could use a nap lol! I'm not used to this!!

Each of the girls caught fish, boy they were huge! 

 Only ducks and crazy children are brave enough to swim in the frigid waters of Colpoy's Bay

They painted bird houses to stick on Aunt Becky's fence

We all made Christmas stars at Karen's Creations in Wiarton! What a nice lady Karen is and her store is awesome!

Last night we made waffle cones stuffed with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, banana chunks, caramel chunks and skor toffee bits. We wrapped them in tinfoil and because it was raining we used the BBQ to cook them…..YUMMY! I saw it on Pinterest, click here to go to the recipe. Now tonight is a campfire and toasted marshmallows! I don't want to see the scale when I get home!!

Oh did I mention we've only been here 2 days LOL……can u say busy?
Chat at you later!